Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here are the long awaited before and after photos of my hair. I guess it wasn't a huge, drastic change...but I did dye it darker and cut a heavier bang. Okay. So here is a pic of my hair before:
Here it is after:SO what do you think? I have really liked the change.
BTW -- these pics were taken at the in-laws family party where we did the ornament exchange and also celebrate D's birthday. It was tons of fun and we stuffed ourselves like turkeys.


Rebekah said...

this looks so good on you!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

mortonfam said...

Super cute! Loving it!

The McCullough's said...

LOVE the bangs and darker hair!!! SUPER SUPER cute!

dayna said...

man, janelle! you look so beautiful! seriously! i love the dark color and the cut looks so good on you. hot mama!