Monday, January 26, 2009

give me a new phone already!

Dilemma part deux:
On top of trying to find the perfect dress for my cute cousin's wedding, I have been trying to deal with a crappy, broken, sometimes keyless phone. I'm sure my hubby will be happy to tell you that I have never treated my phone with respect and therefore, the reasoning to why my phone has dwindled to this hopeless piece of scrap metal. People walking by commonly say, "Do you know you are holding a tin can up to your ear and talking into it?"
"Why, yes. It is actually my phone. Can you sign this petition, to my husband, saying how desperately I am in need of a new phone?"

Of course, my hubby doesn't feel a need to buy me a new phone yet because his still works and actually looks like a real phone. For arguments sake, HE HARDLY EVER USES IT! His own words, and I quote, "I use it to tell time." Um...hate to break it to you but there is a piece of hardware designed specifically to just tell time. It is called a wrist watch. It's amazing! You strap it to your wrist (right or get to choose!) and voila! it tells you what time it is. All the time. Any time you look at it. It's amazing.

So just in case my cute maple leaf hubby (he's Canadian...yeah, Canadians are actually cool) decides to read my blog, I'm just going to throw out a couple of phone ideas. Just in case.

There's the new Blackberry Storm. Resembles the iPhone a bit. Lots of mulitmedia capabilities such as email and Facebook and blogging.
Samsung Omnia that also has a touch screen with Windows and HTML capabilities. Probably lots of things I would not know how to use until after reading the massive handbook. But still, pretty dang sweet.
Or the Blackberry Curve in pink. Not a touch screen (may help me convince the hubby more easily), lots of crazy capabilities and PINK. Adds a touch of cuteness.

Oh. And consider this a petition. Leave a comment and help my cause!


emandtrev said...

Hey lady! Long time, no talk! I miss you! :) Get the new phone! I need one too. The one I use for personal use is acting crazy--it acts like I'm pressing buttons, which I'm not, the whole time I try to talk. Argh. The phone I have for work (BlackBerry) is great. I love it. Check out my blog on that daughter figured out how to call 9-1-1.

Are you coming to book club next month? I haven't heard a date and time yet, but you better be there! :)

Anonymous said...

I hereby sign the "need a new phone" petition on behalf of all mothers everywhere who resort to letting their kids play with their cell phone for the sake of a few moments of peace (that is why our phones are crappy).

Jody R. Long

Erik A. said...

definately go with a blackberry. i can't live without mine. the only problem is, if you get a blackberry or iphone you'll have to get a data package to be on the internet and use the full features of the phone. you'll love the calendar and appointment scheduler on the blackberry if you get it. you won't be disappointed. plus how can a long list of celebrities be wrong....

pulhamjk said...

Well if you really want a new phone you can have my "almost new" Nokia 9100. Its a business phone and doesn't have a camera on it...but if you don't want it then good luck on your petition. ta ta for now

Chris & Chrystal said...

Dear Dan,
I'm writing this letter to you to plead to you to get Janelle a new phone. Consider it a WONDERFUL valentines gift!?!? And since we are thinking valentines day...go ahead and get her the pink curve blackberry!!!

HA HA HA!!! I hope this works for you Janelle! :)