Friday, January 30, 2009

favorite children's books

Poor Imogene wakes up one morning to find she has grown antlers over night. Unflappable, Imogene takes the whole thing in stride; the same cannot be said for her mother, who faints every time her daughter comes into view. The cute colorful pictures and absurd humor make this book a perfect combination for kids. And adults! ;)

favorite of all-time

With U2's new album release quickly approaching, I want to share with you, over the next month, some of my favorite songs. U2 is my ultimate, all-time favorite band. There truly is none better (sorry bro...Coldplay just isn't there yet). The talent, the voice, their sound, cannot be matched. So, we start the countdown. I would say we are doing a top 10 but not sure I can narrow it down to just 10. We'll just get started and see where it takes me.

Kite is from their album All That You Can't Leave Behind. I remember the first time I listened to the album, I was on an airplane...can't remember exactly where I was going. But I remember Kite playing and I getting goose bumps. The emotion behind the song spills over. I know Bono wrote this song for his dad, Bob. Without further ado, here is a live version of Kite. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

biggest loser

I am totally ready for a change! Obama being sworn in as President of the United "Stairs" (as baby no. 1 calls it) has put me in a mood. Closets are being cleaned out, blog background will be changing. But also, weight loss has been put back at the top of my list.

Now it is not so much weight loss as it is to be healthy. After having two babies, my body is really worn down and I want it back up to speed. Apparently, I'm not the only one riding on this wave length. My maple leaf hubby's (MLH) family is starting a Biggest Loser competition in the family. It is totally solid. We each put money into a pot and whomever wins, gets the money. We are doing a woman's winner and also a man's winner...kind of even the playing field. PLUS if you lost 10% of you body weight by the halfway mark, you get half your money back. So there really isn't just one winner in this, just losers. ;)

I have six months to get back into crazy shape! I have been trying to think of fun ways to make working out fun. I can't help but think of this and how much fun it would be to have. I totally have posted this video before but it is just too funny.

Monday, January 26, 2009

give me a new phone already!

Dilemma part deux:
On top of trying to find the perfect dress for my cute cousin's wedding, I have been trying to deal with a crappy, broken, sometimes keyless phone. I'm sure my hubby will be happy to tell you that I have never treated my phone with respect and therefore, the reasoning to why my phone has dwindled to this hopeless piece of scrap metal. People walking by commonly say, "Do you know you are holding a tin can up to your ear and talking into it?"
"Why, yes. It is actually my phone. Can you sign this petition, to my husband, saying how desperately I am in need of a new phone?"

Of course, my hubby doesn't feel a need to buy me a new phone yet because his still works and actually looks like a real phone. For arguments sake, HE HARDLY EVER USES IT! His own words, and I quote, "I use it to tell time." Um...hate to break it to you but there is a piece of hardware designed specifically to just tell time. It is called a wrist watch. It's amazing! You strap it to your wrist (right or get to choose!) and voila! it tells you what time it is. All the time. Any time you look at it. It's amazing.

So just in case my cute maple leaf hubby (he's Canadian...yeah, Canadians are actually cool) decides to read my blog, I'm just going to throw out a couple of phone ideas. Just in case.

There's the new Blackberry Storm. Resembles the iPhone a bit. Lots of mulitmedia capabilities such as email and Facebook and blogging.
Samsung Omnia that also has a touch screen with Windows and HTML capabilities. Probably lots of things I would not know how to use until after reading the massive handbook. But still, pretty dang sweet.
Or the Blackberry Curve in pink. Not a touch screen (may help me convince the hubby more easily), lots of crazy capabilities and PINK. Adds a touch of cuteness.

Oh. And consider this a petition. Leave a comment and help my cause!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane

So get this...
I am jet-setting to California next month to attend my cousin's wedding. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Especially when looking out at the rain/snow that has been the weather for the past 3 days. Very depressing. Even more depressing is checking the weather in southern California, where I will be next month. My advice...don't even tempt yourself by going to to see what the current temperature is there. It will make you want to run head first into your wall. And it hurts.

My dilemma: what. to. wear. The wedding is kind of a big thing. It is going to be held in a beautiful atrium. AND it is going to be on Valentine's day.

My maple leaf hubby truly is the best because he opted to stay with the kids and let me go. Three days, two nights. No kids. No headaches. Just fun in the sun. Yes, he is the greatest.

So, back to my major dilemma! I have checked out dresses on Shabby Apple. Love them but can't find exactly what I want. It has to be dressy but also something I can wear later. I checked on Macy's website but the dresses can run expensive and not cover where I need them to cover. I checked DownEast Outfitters (another fave) but they aren't dressy enough. I will have to buy a dress for church from there, though. Super cute.

Therefore, I am requesting your utmost attention and help. I seriously need it. PLEASE help me find a dress! I am going to give a prize to the winning dress. I will have more info on that later. So get to steppin' and let's go shopping!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A colander is such a necessity in the kitchen. I just never thought it would serve this kind of purpose. It was great to have some comic relief and to also have her entertained. Crazy girl!

oh christian...

This is totally late in coming but did you happen to catch the People's Choice Awards a couple weeks ago? Well, the whole show was so-so but the last 5 minutes was worth the wait! Batman Begins was honored with the best movie of the year award. And guess who was there to accept the award???
It is almost madness that he was there because he has publicly said he hates award shows. At least, that is what he told me. But I'm so glad he made an appearance.
Here he is waving to all the fans. Truly, he had me in mind. Unfortunately, my plane didn't take off in time and I was late and they wouldn't let me in my seat and...
Okay. Yeah, I wasn't there but glad I got to hear his voice. His true accent is very handsome. Just adds to the whole package.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

dancing kids

I consider the pre-dinner time to be the absolute worse time of the day. The kids and I are worn out, the hubby is not home yet, I'm trying to make dinner, crying and screaming from kids. Coloring and other such activities have lost their luster with these two. So I have come up with another solution.

Dancing to the Ting Tings from Nells Bells on Vimeo.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Baby no. 1 joined the ranks of the Primary yesterday and is one of the newest Sunbeams in our ward.

He had such a good time and is already asking when he can go again.

cold outside

Ever wonder how you can tell it's cold outside without actually setting a foot outside? And not strain your eyes to see the temperature on the thermometer?
Well, with these 1965 pane windows, you don't have to! All you have to do is check the amount of condensation on the windows.

If there is a lot and most of it is frozen, then you can bet it is below zero outside.
So it would be best to not even go outside. Just plan to stay in and chip the ice off your windows.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

christmas morning

I'm so very happy to report that the head banger sessions are now over. Camera has been found! Hallelujah and praise be to thee.
I can finally report on how much fun we had Christmas morning. This was the first year where presents and Santa were understood (at least by baby no. 1).
Unwrapped presents mean Santa was there. Everything wrapped is considered to be from mom and dad. So coming out and seeing this kind of loot would be exciting to just about anyone. I mean, I was excited to see this: So were they! Baby no. 2 has a love of pushing buttons especially on phones and remotes. I am sure you can imagine how excited we were to see Santa had left her a remote of her own. Picture of Elmo included (another love of this one).

She didn't want to eat her breakfast that morning. Hmmm...wonder why.

This was a present from grandma and grandpa. Definitely a highlight of the day. Kind of annoying he cannot ride it outside. He has taken to riding it around the house.

Spring, I am calling you. Please come sooner rather than later. Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now?
I'm begging. Please. Soon. Amen.

masterpiece classics

Usually, Miss Nemesis beats me to the punch on this one. But, since she hasn't posted yet about it, I thought I may.

Looking for something to sink your teeth in to that doesn't involve vampires? Masterpiece Classics will have an amazing new season that I am very much looking forward to. Tonight was the premiere of Tess of the d'Ubervilles. The first episode can still be seen online. To be honest, I had never read this story and so it is great to watch it played out on TV. Makes me want to read it. Doesn't hurt that the actors who portray Alec and Angel are easy on the eyes.

Wuthering Heights will be featured, as well as the tales of Charles Dickens. This season it is hosted by Laura Linney. Have you seen the John Adams miniseries that was featured on HBO? She plays Abigail Adams and is excellent. The whole series is worth watching. Everyone should see it.

I am not sure how this version of Wuthering Heights will compare to the only one I have seen. Maybe I should expand my horizons but Laurence Olivier was amazing, intense, passionate. Also, very easy on the eyes. That eyebrow! Those eyes. That stare. Sigh.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am on the verge of lunacy! My camera is MIA at the moment and I have resorted to banging my head against the wall.

In between the looking, searching and head-banger sessions, I too have been thinking back on 2008. Of course, so much happened in the course of last year that I can hardly believe it was only a year. Seems like two or three, even.

Redford entered my psyche.

I joined a book club and then, somehow, joined out. Not sure how that happens. But it did.

Baby no. 2 had to be hospitalized for RSV. Not fun.

Pushing kids in a stroller hit a whole new high for me. And I'm not talking mushrooms.

So what if I'm a genius? Don't hate me for it.

SNL weekly was born.

New diet hits and misses. I feel a little Bridget Jones-ish. 2008. Weight: #$@. 2009. Weight: lost 5 lbs. Did you really think I would divulge my current weight on here? Tsk. Tsk.

Favorite Children's book reviews. Of course. One of my favorites.

We bought a Napoleon Dynamite looking home and transformed it. Transforming is the best part. Sorry I didn't really allow you to be more a part of that. It kind of took off without my knowing. Not sure how I got here...

Looking back, I'm realizing I hardly write about myself. I have been told that good writing should include personal inklings and real-life goodness. So I am thinking a goal is to be more personal and fun and real-life wholesome. Problem is -- I'm not very good at that. Mrs. Warr was always frustrated with me because my AP English papers "had bones but no meat on them". does one come back from that sort of review? Ouch. Joe March anyone?

Don't forget Christian.

Hmmm...what was I saying?

Yes, 2008 was a good year. Thanks for coming along with me. Cue the taking off of the sweater. Keep singing. Hang it in the closet. Put on my outdoor shoes. Keep singing. Put on my outdoor sweater. Open door. Wave. Smile. "Have a great day!" Close the door.