Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the art of capturing moving pictures

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia?? Such a great film and one that makes you absolutely wish you had a large plate of Bruschetta in front of you or a giant chocolate cake with sliced almonds pressed to the outside. So in saying it is a delicious and mouth-watering movie, truly makes sense. How wonderful would it be to live in so many countries like Julia Child did. How wonderful to learn to cook in France! Such a feat to translate so many recipes and convert them to be made into such an amazing cookbook. A cookbook I probably would not dare to master, let alone pick up. Just to touch it would taint the name of Julia or "French Cooking". Overall, you must see this movie if you haven't already. I'm sure the book is just great. I will need to borrow it from the library. If only I could actually get through all the books on my nightstand already. Now that is a feat in itself. Will keep you posted.

How about some other movies that make me wish I was a master cook or a choclatier?? Chocolat, for example. This movie absolutely makes me wish I knew what cayenne pepper tastes like in a divine hot chocolate mixture. Or what my chocolate flavor is after staring into a spinning South American carved disc. To even know how to make homemade chocolates would be great.

A friend, who is now my cousin-in-law, has recommended, several times, a movie that must be watched at Christmas time. I happened upon this movie today at Shopko and it was only $5. Since she has recommended it, I took her opinion all the way to the bank and bought the movie. I will be sure to tell you whether or not to trust her opinions (I already know you can but if my opnion counts in any way, then I'm sure you will care to know). Joyeux Noel is now part of our home movie collection and will be viewed ASAP.

Bus Stop is another movie which must be enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that my overdue rates at the video store were enough to buy my own copy. It got to the point where I completely forgot I didn't actually own the movie, that it really had to be returned or else...
I would dare say it is the only movie where Marilyn Monroe's true acting talent is visible. She plays a bit of a ditsy blonde but in such a good way and there is a good way to play that role. Reese Witherspoon did it so well in Legally Blonde. I truly believe you must be smart in order to play stupid. It takes talent to know exactly how to do it. Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe became the icon for ditsy blondes. She let herself be played into roles where her breathy voice and smizing eyes could make men go jump out of their seats and holler for more. Of course, this is exactly what made her famous. But I really wish she would've graduated into smarter roles as her career grew. We do all know how her true potential never came to fruition.

I just love movies...and not just any movie (The Ugly Truth really is that: absolutely, horribly ugly). I really love good movies. Movies that actually took some thought into making. I do occasionally like the shoot em' up, blow 'em up, run 'em down kind of movies (i.e. guy flicks). But there are even some "guy flicks" that had some thought to them: Tombstone, The Last Samurai, Open Range, 3:10 to Yuma, Gran Torino, The Last Castle...just to name a few. But, maybe not so surprising, movies like Les Miserables, Little Women, Dear Frankie, Becoming Jane, Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea, Somewhere in Time, Pride and Prejudice, Amadeus, Fried Green Tomatoes, Manon of the Spring, The Mission, The Scarlet Pimpernel really entertain me. Pretty much any movie that was either adapted from a book or from true life. ;)

I get it; I realize there is more on that film than just moving pictures (ahem...Transformers...). I find myself excited that my time was not wasted by watching it. Rather, I was enlightened, moved, inspired, buoyed up. How great to transform life into a story played out right before your eyes. Not only for entertainment purposes, but to make one think. To really open your mind to other cultures, ideas, art, history.

I am definitely not an expert in talking about or reviewing movies. I just know how much I enjoy them...wait, let me rephrase much I enjoy watching thoughtful, inspired, well-directed movies. Movies that make me want to jump out of my seat, holler and move right in; to literally join that world, live it, breathe it, feel what it would've been like.

Any recommendations I should add to my list??


Monica Rich said...

I would skip the book version of Julie & Julia and instead read Julia Child's memoir, My Life in France. Such a funny, interesting, inspiring book. Put it on your Christmas list. :)

JoLynn said...

Great post Janelle. We love movies at our house too. They are a favorite past time. One of my all time favorites is "Count of Monte Cristo". I love when the good guy gets even! The movies you listed are awewome ones too.

Nells-Bells said...

monica -- thanks for the recommendation! i have added julia child's book to my wish list.

jolynn -- we too love count of monte cristo! it is nice to always see the good guy win, especially in situations like that. :)