Tuesday, March 31, 2009

late night

Has anyone been up late enough to catch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?? Honestly, I think he rocks and adds a little kick to the late night schedule. I'm usually not up to watch it and therefore am grateful for our DVR to take care of that. Securing The Roots as his band gave him an automatic boost. Having them has made his show. Jimmy Fallon reminds me a lot of Mike Myers. Anyone else made the connection??



Child no. 1 points to my chest.

"Mom, those are baby's food. Those are your pumps."

Giggling ensues.

Memories of being on my uncle's dairy farm come to mind.

rugby beach bag

My new beach bag arrived this morning. There are lots of colors to chose from but this one, called Sunset Orange Stripe, I had to get since I will soon be sitting on exotic beaches watching beautiful orange sunsets. Can you tell I'm excited??

This tote is 100% cotton terry with large straps and even has an inside pocket to keep all the smaller items organized. It is pretty big too. Definitely big enough to pack a whole days worth of everything for those long days on the beach!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

mormon ads

Have you seen the new Mormon ads? They are so great and have a wonderful message. Here is one of my faves:

Monday, March 16, 2009

so many books, so little time!

Lately, I have been daydreaming about all the wonderful things I would do if I didn't have any responsibilities. I think I have officially caught spring fever or some kind of mental fever. One of the things I would do is stay in bed, all day and READ! Can a person do that and survive? I mean, of course the bodily functions cannot be ignored. A walk or two up and down the stairs would keep the blood flowing properly. But how cool would it be to just read and read and read. There are a lot of books on my reading wish list. Here are a few:
The Pigpen by Kevin Krogh. Kevin is a local author and do you know what is funny? I had no idea he is a published author. He was my soccer coach! This was actually recommended to me by an old Stake President. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
So not sure what to think about this book but I love John Bytheway and am interested to see how he tackles this type of topic. I am drawn to it and very curious.
Can you tell where my mind has been lately? Somedays it is hard to truly feel good about the job I'm doing. Each day brings a new challenge and sometimes I feel it is hard to be truly content. I feel like I'm required to be a rock of support for my MLH, to be the shining example for my kids and somehow be unselfish through it all. Unrealistic?? I'm learning and trying more and more...so when I saw this, I also felt drawn to it.
I am willing to admit that I have seen this movie more times than I have read the book. If I'm truly being honest, I will also have to tell you that I have never read the book. Isn't that awful? Reminds me of being in the fourth grade, my assignment was to read Charlotte's Web and I never read it...but instead, watched the movie. Argh! Pitiful.
One more! I would love to read this. After seeing the amazing John Adams series on HBO, I became even more curious about the life of Ben Franklin. Now how am I going to get my wish and have a reading day? Asking for zero interruptions on top of that might be going overboard a bit.

ergo rapido

My wish list just keeps getting longer and longer. Here is another cool gadget to add! It is called the Electrolux Ergo Rapido Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner and it is totally cool. This is a lightweight stick vacuum that takes the place of a dustpan and broom. Even has a handheld little vacuum for all the hard to reach places.
Do you hear me MLH?? I don't just want this, I need it!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

public enemies

Holy crud! A movie starring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp? Can it get much better than that? Doubt it. Check out the trailer here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

you want more?

Here are some more photos from the wedding to tickle your fancy. My aunt forwarded these to me and I had to laugh. This wedding was so much fun. You can also get more angles of my dress and see the shoes I wore. Next week is a fancy dinner thing for Dan's work. Lookie at what I'm going to wear! ;)

target rules

I love, love, love Target! When I need new shoes for the kids, we make the trip just to see what they have (and an excuse to get out of the house). I especially have loved their baby/toddler shoes. The soles are soft and easy on baby's feet. Plus their girls shoes are TOO cute! This is what we got for baby. Just the right amount of cute in an everyday shoe. She never wants to take them off. She loves wearing them any chance she gets. Sounds frighteningly familiar... ;)

snow day

Sunday afternoon our front lawn was bare. We had almost no snow. Monday afternoon, this is what our lawn looked like. Winter/pre-spring can be a kick in the pants.

At least the kids had fun playing in the newly fallen snow. It was great fun to watch them and snap a few photos. :)

o'dreyers rules

Have you seen these? They are ab-fab! Full of fruit and only 80 calories. Perfect for a sweet tooth emergency. Plus they have various flavors like strawberry (our fave), grape, lime and tangerine.

Friday, March 6, 2009

happy birthday

Happy birthday to my dear friend Jacks! Girl, we have had some crazy times but all were memorable and I love you for who you are! You are such a great friend. I even remember the day we met in 6th grade. I hope you have a wonderful and eventful day! You're the best. Love your guts.

SNL weekly

Kristen Wiig is truly hilarious. Here she shows how we can take care of our kids but also save the environment.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are going to FLORIDA!!! Yuppers. My maple leaf hubby worked his butt off last year (we are in the market for a new one) and his work sends the top consultants every year to a different location and treats them like royalty. Since my MLH is so stinkin' awesome, he was invited. As a legal and eternal obligation to me, I get to come too. :) Our good friends also won so pretty much it will be four days of blissful partying.

Oh...and this is where we are staying:

I guess you could say we are excited. I mean...who wants to stay in a five-star hotel, have airfare and accomodations paid for, a tour of the everglades on an airboat paid for, and expect sunsets like this on occasion:
Not sure we will want to come home!
At least we have Hawaii in May to look forward to!!!!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U2 countdown

The new album, No Line On the Horizon, is AWESOME! You must get it! You definitely won't reget it. To top off the countdown, here is my no. 1 favorite U2 song. Kind of funny the title is Bad. It most certainly isn't.

Monday, March 2, 2009

U2 countdown

New album drops tomorrow! Can't wait. We are continuing the countdown with probably my top two favorites. Tonight I am posting my no. 2. No. 1 will be tomorrow. I'm sure you can't wait. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

18 months

Dear baby,

Today you have reached another milestone in your life. You are now the big 18 (in months, of course). You have a personality all your own. You are very, very sweet and can also be a little dramatic. But we love it. We love everything about you and would not change a thing.

Your little voice brightens our day.

Your sweet cheeks are so fun to kiss.

You love playing with your big brother and have lots of fun laughing together. Your favorite words are see, book, Elmo, show, shoes, cookie, cereal, drink, juice, milk, light, stairs, toes, eyes, nose, ear, hair, teeth, hand, fingers, poop, no, da-da, mommy, ba-ba, dance and elephant. You LOVE to read. You are always bringing me lots of books to read to you. You plop right down in my lap and get comfortable. It is such a cute little thing that you do. You usually want me to read you the same book over and over and protest when I try to switch.

We love being your parents. We love watching you grow and become this perfect little person. We love you and pray the transition to nursery will be smooth. :)