Saturday, December 29, 2007

I-t's c-o-m-i-n-g!! Oh's c-o-m-i-n-g!! (Tune in January 1 to find out what Naomi knows
and you don't). :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

claim to fame

I can't believe the tsunami in Thailand was three years ago today. It seems like forever since that happened and since we were there. This is our claim to fame: we left Phuket 2 days before the tsunami hit. Our original plan was to stay there until New Year's but had changed plans just before leaving. We are definitely grateful we didn't end up staying. We stayed on Patong Beach and it was one of the hardest hit beaches. I remember where I was when I saw the tsunami on the news. I felt a sinking feeling and said a silent prayer. I had never felt more of a purpose for my life than I did that day.

Monday, December 24, 2007

'tis the season to have the flu

With Christmas almost here families gather together to share a Christmas feast, sing Christmas songs and enjoy one-another's company. Unfortunately, my mom, brothers and myself all have the stomach flu. We were up last night making good use of the toilet. It has been awful and I pray that no one else comes down with it. Being sick on Christmas eve is bad enough...can you imagine puking on Christmas?? Let's hope not. Poor Dan spent his day off taking care of the kids and I. His Christmas eve feast consisted of a burger and fries from Burger of the only places open tonight. I know things could be worse. I definitely am grateful for my health and all that I have available to me. We did sit down and read the nativity story out of the scriptures and watch Christmas movies. I'm watching Elf right now (gynormous is my favorite word) and then will hit the hay. God bless us, every one. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

o holy night

I want to dedicate this post to the two cute, little old ladies at Village Inn who endured an impromptu singing by Mason. He was singing O Holy Night, with all his heart, to himself. He squeaked out a couple of the high notes too. It truly was a melt-your-heart moment and I'm grateful the two ladies sitting next to us didn't mind. At least, they seemed to not mind. They watched and smiled during his little concert. Then returned to their lunch when he was done. I'm sure they would've loved an encore but he was too busy giving me high-fives. :)

happy, happy, happy

I want to wish my sister Therese a happy birthday today. No worries - I won't dispose how old you are. I will just say she is my oldest sister. :) I often get compared to her. She loves to call me her "mini-me". We shared a room for years and years. Oh - the stories I can tell...
I will definitely tell you I cried like a baby on her wedding day, in the sealing room...loudly. She would soon be leaving for Australia and I didn't know when I would see her again. Now she lives in London and it is going on four years and 5 months since I last saw her. But really, who's counting. ;) Love you, T. Hope you have a most extraordinary birthday.

Monday, December 17, 2007

that's how i wanna be

Traci, Traci, Traci!! SO excited you now have a blog. You are the best. I know Dayna already gave you a shout-out but I wanted to give you one too. Plus I have these cool pics of us and can you believe they were taken 7 years ago?!?! Time seriously flies and I don't know where it goes. It was AWESOME to meet up with you in Thailand. I'm sure you will agree it was the bomb. You are pure joy and I love that I can call you my friend. :)

find the almond - win a prize

My grandma Anderson's Christmas party is the best. We always have loads of food, visiting, laughing and fun. Most of all, I look forward to her rice pudding. She makes it every year and always adds a little love (everyone sigh). But she also adds one tiny almond to the batch. You see...not only does she make some tasty rice pudding that almost melts on your tongue, she turns eating it into a game. One lucky person will get the almond in their bowl-full of pudding. And that lucky person wins a prize (typically candy). I remember many Christmases examining the pudding and asking myself, "If I were an almond..."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Watch a Show

Recently, we've been working a lot with Mason in terms of time-outs and tantrums. He LOVES to watch Little Einsteins. When he is good, he gets to watch one show in the morning and then one in the afternoon (they are about 20 minutes each). He has learned that if he throws a tantrum and has to have a lot of time-outs, then he doesn't get to watch his show. He is starting to incorporate that into other things. For example, when we are reading books and the character in the book looks upset he will say, "He didn't get to watch a show and have a sandwich". It makes me crack up every time.

61" rear projection LED

You might be wondering why I have a picture of this girl on my blog. I don't know her...though she kind of does look familiar. Have you ever stopped to look at picture frames and realized the models featured look a bit familiar? This is actually a picture of our new TV. Three months ago I wouldn't have had a clue what LED rear projection whatever meant...I still kind of don't. All I know is it is huge, the picture is amazing and HD is the best. It doesn't hurt that we got it for free.


Now that my sister and her family have safely arrived in London, I'm trying to plan a time when I can go for a visit. England has always been a favored destination and unfortunately, in my 27 years of life, I have not yet set foot there. Of course, that doesn't mean I never had the opportunity to go. Would you believe, since I still don't believe it myself, that I was offered the chance to go and I turned it down!??! 'Tis true. I turned down the chance to walk the markets of Notting Hill, see the Buckingham Palace, eat authentic fish and chips with malt vinegar, visit Liverpool and walk across Abbey Road. Why? Honestly, I ask myself that question now and then (if we are being honest, it is more like everyday). Answer: dumb, naive and homesick. Or just lame, lame and lame. Yup...I think that pretty much sums it up.

Treats, treats and more treats

With Christmas season in full swing, I'm reminded of how it is truly the season of giving. Several giving trees have been up in supermarket entry ways and church foyers, asking everyone to give to those less fortunate than us. There are the advertisements asking for donations to the Utah Food Bank so everyone can have a delicious holiday meal. There have been stories featured on the news about people helping one another out in an extraordinary way. And, more close to home, our neighbors are dropping off gifts and goodies, wishing us also a very, merry Christmas. I'm wondering, since there are so many others in need, why do I have so much? And why, when people are hungry, am I having a hard time resisting another piece of homemade chocolate fudge or hand-dipped pretzels and find myself considering to join Weight-Watchers?! Do others not live in a neighborhood where treats and gifts are planned six months prior to December 1?! How is it that some people can give so freely and others simply cannot?? Charity and kindness are addicting when others around you are exuding it from every pore. I hope I can be better this year and the next and the next...and not have to join a weight-loss program January 1.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Dan

I am a total slacker in posting this late but I wanted to be sure and wish my hubby a happy birthday. Do I dare tell you it was almost three weeks ago?! We had a great day of celebration. I just want him to know how much I appreciate him. He is such a good father and a great husband. It also doesn't hurt to post this super cute photo of him. Love you babes. :)