Saturday, May 30, 2009

food critic

I have been lazy in not getting my Hawaii recap posted yet. Rest is coming! But first, I want to point out how much fun traveling is. Not only because of the different locations, different atmosphere, foliage, etc. But because of the food!! Food is huge when it comes to traveling. Every location has a different tradition, a different way of doing things and food is always part of the equation.

Hawaiians do have a love of SPAM and poi which I feared would find its way on to my plate. Luckily, it did not. Hawaii is also known for its shave ice. Of course it was one of the first things I had to try. And of course, it was FABULOUS!! Vanilla ice cream on the bottom, shaved ice on top. Simple idea with taste-bud-bursting results. I chose watermelon and blue raspberry flavoring. Delish!
The next to top my list was this chique, laid-back place called Lava Java. Great baked goods but even better breakfast!! Wow. This seriously was the best waffle I have ever had in my life. It was hard to stop the shovel-it-in-my-face motion long enough to snap this picture. The perfectly fluffy waffle is topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream and chopped macademia nuts. A side of grilled sausage to boot. So so tasty. It makes me want to talk in French. Magnifique!!The third to top my list is something a little out of the ordinary. Usually, when a company tries to market its product this way, the product is not very good. But these were so good! They are chocolate covered macademia nuts rolled in cocoa powder. I honestly ate most of the bag. Just when the chocolate is a little overpowering, the mild macademia nut kicks in and evens it all out. Makes me want to kiss your cheeks like Europeans do. Muwa! Muwa!

More on Hawaii to come!!

kids dancing part II

I know you have been anxiously waiting for another installment of Dancing with the Starlings. Without further adieu, here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Dancing to GaGa from Nells Bells on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

keane on jimmy fallon

Keane was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Check it out. I'm totally convinced that they are just the coolest. I would give anything to see them in concert again. I hope they return soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Not sure how you are spending your time right now but this is how I will be spending mine. Lounging on a beach is definitely my calling. Mahalo!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One of the best concerts I have been to, hands down. Keane is my no. 2 favorite band and this concert solidified their standing forever. I cannot wait until they return. They had better do it soon too! It had been four years since they were last here. I will be waiting, impatiently, for them to return. Maybe I will have to go to London for their next show. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

clown car

This is what we found when we were getting ready to leave from my bro's house on Sunday. We had strapped our kids in their seats and turned on their movie (why did I not have this luxury when I was a kid??). We ran in to say our goodbyes and noticed all of my bro's kids were missing. They were smart enough to go out and watch the movie too.
This was my favorite. My little niece hanging on for dear life, just to watch a movie!! Little nutters.

out on a walk

While out on our walk this morning, we came across this harrowing display. Not only was this beautiful tree being stripped limb-by-limb but there were 4 city workers standing around while the fifth one (hidden behind the tree) was doing the actual cutting. So I ask many city workers does it take to cut down a tree? I rest my case.

Monday, May 4, 2009

how it all began...

This is how swine flu is spread.
Thanks, Jul, for passing this along. So, so funny!!

snl weekly

Kind of crazy but funny. I'm dedicating this to all the Zac Efron fans out there. You know who you are!

when i was a young warthog

Here is a picture I affectionately refer to as "tough Nell-O".
In my growing up years, I had more black eyes than broken bones, pairs of glasses and cars. This pic happens to be my favorite because...well, can you guess? The look of pure annoyance and childhood angst is not hard to read. I also love this picture because of the beautiful navy Ram van I am sitting in. This was our family van for many years. So many memories in this van. We felt like the A-Team in this ride. We happened to be on a trip to southern Utah when this picture was taken. Just before leaving, I was riding my bike up the street to my BFF's house. I was returning a computer game I had borrowed. Something to the side caught my attention and WHAM! I hit a parked car. It was pretty traumatic. I mean, how in the world is it possible to hit something that is not even a moving target? It was sitting right there! Pretty hard to miss a CAR!
In honor of my black eye and this wonderful Ram van whom I will call Herbert, here is a video that has to be seen. I am dedicating it to all you Ram van kids out there!


Looking at these pictures again makes me homesick for Florida. It was such a blast, as you can imagine. I had not laughed that hard in such a long time. Even though we really didn't get to sleep in or have a lot of down time, it was worth it. So many memories from our trip:
lots and lots of food
new friendships
huge jetted tub and a heavenly bed
johnny tiger tail
alligator kisses
walk on the beach
trek to 7-11 for snacks
lifeguard saving my husband
sneaking in to a senior prom at the hotel
awards banquet
three dog night
trolly ride taking an hour longer than expected
hollywood beach boardwalk
strawberry daquiris
midnight swim
mr. maple (hubby) stark naked on balcony
Returning to dreary weather only makes it worse. At least I know summer is around the corner and another vacay is in the mix. :) Cheers to my hard working hubby for scoring us such an amazing trip!!