Sunday, December 28, 2008


If you have your gas oven on all day, then the fire department will show up at 9pm to try and figure out why your carbon monoxide alarm is going off.
Tis true! They come in with all their gear; the whole works.
You should try it.
Just be sure to have treats or something to share. It helps.


Rebekah said...

yep-cookies and yummies are alwasy in order. makes it less embarrassing.

Jeremy and Kelli said...

It must be the week for alarms to go off. For 3 straight days out smoke alarms have been going off. Needless to say the old ones have found a new home in my trash and new ones have been installed. Not fun 3 days straight at 3 AM!

tirb said...

Hi its Brit, I found your blog in my blog-stalking and wanted to say hello. I was in the old stomping grounds last weekend and my parents mentioned that you moved into Mary's old house. I am jealous that you are in the neighborhood still. I loved that place.

Carrie said...

Can I tell you just how many times I've responded on those type calls with the fire department I work with? I've NEVER been given treats when I show up. Next time, call me and I'll drive up from Bountiful to check it out for you! Glad everything turned out okay.

Chris & Chrystal said...

Oh no!!! That's not good. I'm glad the big stong fire men came to the rescue. :)

Lisa said...

Nells, love your page btw. That's craziness. But kinda cool too. We are doing well. Thanks for your messages. I've been busy with working and the kids that I hardly have time to blog. But I have tons of pics to load so there will surely be new posts soon!

Give my aloha to the family!