Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is one of my favorite pics ever. Whomever snapped it should be thanked a million times over. What a perfect moment to capture in time! I am flanked by two of my favorite cousins and then my twin brother is on the end holding the shears. Not exactly sure why he had those but I'm assuming we were helping clean up my great-grandma's yard. That is where this picture was taken.

We all turned 30 this year. In fact, today is La's birthday; she is the cute blonde in the gingham dress. She is the last of us to cross over into a new decade.

How young we were!! Our whole lives ahead of us. No worries. No money problems. No marriage problems. No illnesses. No kid problems. No unwanted fat on our bodies. No nothing. How wonderful would it be to live this day one more time? To live in this moment, knowing all that I know now?? To be able to wear little blue terry cloth shorts again and have them be that baggy on me. Ha!

I am so grateful we are all still so close. I am grateful we all can share memories like this with our kids and laugh about our naivete.

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dayna said...

hilarious...old photos almost make me cry because of all you explain here...i'm way too sentimental now days.