Monday, November 30, 2009


My in-laws decided to do a Christmas ornament exchange between all the cousins. It turned out great and was so much fun to see all the different types of ornaments given and received.

This ornament exchange got us to thinking about a tradition we would love to start this year. We already snag ornaments from places we visit. We have two new ones to add to our tree this year: a crab from our trip to Florida and a couple we picked up in Hawaii. But we want the kids to be involved more and so we have decided to let them pick out a new ornament each year. And we are thinking that they are more likely to choose something they are into that year. For example, went to the local Hallmark store this morning and let them loose. Well, not loose as in all over the place, but let them take their time looking at each and every ornament.

Have you been to Hallmark lately?? Gees!! They have surely stepped things up over the last decade. Or maybe I just didn't even notice the ornaments before because we really didn't have a reason to. They have an ornament celebrating every type of thing in life: movies, characters from TV and movies, classic toys, movie stars, comic book heroes, musical instruments, holiday characters (of course)...and the list goes on. I began to regret my decision to let them choose. It was a very hard decision but both made excellent choices.

Mo's choice was a bit surprising to me. I thought he would for sure choose Spiderman but instead he picked up this one:
It is seriously cool. So I was not about to argue with the little man. Guesses for what Mi-mi's choice was?? Yuppers. Anything associated with The Wizard of Oz is definitely a no-brainer for this little blonde cutie-patootie. Would you believe it also plays the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"??? It couldn't be any more perfect.

P.S. we also plan to write their name on it and also the year so we can keep track. Maybe all their ornaments from over the years will make a great present to them on their wedding day! Among other things, of course. ;)

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Williams Family said...

Sounds like fun, we do something similar and the kids love it so much! Although I do get to do the picking of the ornaments, in fact I think I might like it more than they do :)