Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snl weekly

Is it sad when the opening skit is the funniest in the show?? Sorry, Blake Lively, you tried but did not succeed. You are just too beautiful, young and a bit conceded to be funny. And the show that made you famous is not good. At. All. It does not take talent to be on your show. Okay. There were a couple mildly funny skits; the Tiger Woods accident one got a few chuckles. The Shy Ronnie Digital Short got a smile or two. But this opening skit really had my shoulders shaking. I just love how such a dumb and crazy incident can really be played out, and be so, so funny. I mean, really??! Two very rich white people sneaking into a White House party makes National news?? Doesn't the media know these people want the publicity and attention...and they are getting exactly what they wanted? Why feed the ego? It is okay for SNL to spoof these two nutters, even if it does give them an extra 2 minutes of fame. Enjoy.

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