Monday, December 28, 2009

wherever you find love it feels like christmas

Would you believe we actually had to wake up our kids at 9am, Christmas morning?? I am definitely not complaining. I remember vividly waking up my parents at the crack of dawn on numerous Christmas mornings, and how haggard they both looked. So of course, we were a bit joyous in being able to sleep in. But we were a bit surprised. Here they are, anxiously waiting for Dan to open the partition and let them at it. These are their cute Christmas jammies.
Um, Mo ended up with a red robot, just what he originally had wished for. We had trained him to ask for train tracks, since that is what we had already bought him. But that lasted for a week, maybe. All I can say is Amazon saved our butts, BIG time. ("MOM, we don't say butts.")
Mi-mi checking out her loot.
This is what she had asked for and I must say, it was super fun to set it all up for her. The people are big enough for her little hands and all the pieces not small enough to possibly lose.

The most coveted gift of the season! Yeah, I know you are all jealous. We both got one from D's parents. And they are both blue. So we can be giant blue blobs together, snuggling on the couch.

He knows me too well...

Auntie Boog helping dress Mi-mi in her new dress-ups.
Is anyone else asking themselves where Christmas went?? It was here and gone in a matter of least that is what it seems like. All the planning and preparation evaporated just like that! Before I know it, the kids will both be driving and complaining that their cell phones don't have GPS on it. In the meantime, I try to cherish every moment and enjoy them while their vocabulary is still somewhat limited. ;)


Rebekah said...

I'm ssssoooo incredibly jealous that you got to sleep in that late!! Looks like you guys had the best Christmas ever!! Paige got the same dress ups that Mimi did! How fun!!!
Merry Christmas!

Valeri said...

Love the "And they are both blue. So we can be giant blue blobs together, snuggling on the couch." That's just awesome.

JoLynn said...

It looks like Santa found your house too and I agree about the holidays going too fast. But, then they always do! I love your blog :)

Christina said...

THat cracks me up that you had to wake the kids. Karl and Eva woke up Samuel and I. I was so grouchy! Serves me right for procrastinating.

This year I was disenchanted with the Snuggie. SO sad. I didn't realize they were backless. I am incapable of just sitting on the couch. I have to be asleep or doing something. So, if I get up in the Snuggie I am totally exposed in the back. Very hospital gown-ish.

Love your posts.