Wednesday, June 11, 2008

snl weekly

It is well known that Canadians are funny meaning they have a great sense of humor. Mike Meyers, Jim Carrey and my husband Dan are great examples of this. But there is a new funny comedian on the rise who is AMERICAN. Enter Dane Cook. (Parental Guardian note: to listen to his stand-up comedy routine, you must get the edited version because for some reason comedians like to swear a lot). He hosted SNL a while back and was so good. Most recently he was in the movie Dan in Real Life with Steve Carrell, which was excellent. Anywho. This is the only video clip I can find from when he hosted. Dane also did a skit with Kristen Wiig that night where he was being trained to be an employee at Target. So, so funny. Not sure why they don't show the whole thing but it is worth watching. Enjoy.

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