Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Mason's birthday is coming up and I've been scouring the internet, trying to find the perfect gift. He is in dire need of some new sandals. Currently he is wearing the sandals from last year. They still fit but we are reaching the barely stage.
I have never worn a pair of Crocs shoes but I found some very cute kids shoes. I know they are very lightweight and comfortable.
Mason loves Lightning McQueen. Crocs happens to carry a McQueen shoe. But, as I kept searching, I found a Mickey shoe where the description fits more of what I'm looking for. Phrases like, "secure fit upper designed for active kids" and "bacteria and odor resistant" (his current sandals apparently do not share this description). Then there are the cool kids athens flip-flop. But the last time I tried to get Mason to wear a flip-flop, he did not like the thong part between his big and second toe. To tell you the truth, thongs never have been comfortable...but I guess that is a different story.
Of course, I had to keep searching and got a little distracted and wished I owned a pair since our current weather resembles much of the state of Washington rather than a desert climate. Then I saw these and wondered, "Where in the world do the 'exotic beaches of malindi' reside?" So I had to google Malindi and found this. Interesting. Never thought of Kenya as having "exotic" beaches. Now I have to add Malindi to my list of "places to see before I hit 70" because truly, I want to enjoy my vacations rather than hobble through them with a fannie pack and a bright pink cap that says, "The World's Best Grandma". Because you know I'm totally going to wear that when I'm 70.
So back to the Crocs...
I would love to know your thoughts. :)


Rebekah said...

I won't wear any other sandals besides the crocs I have and my birkenstocks. The most comfortable sandals ever, period. My kids all even have a pair and love them. Hope you enjoy what you get!!

Julie Melvin said...

I have some and so does Katie...we bought her some Mickey Mouse ones we found (in Canada of all places-last summer). They are nice. Easy to slip on and off, which I love....I'm not much of a shoe person! Check out Costco. Depending on the warehouse, they got kids ones in this year.

dayna said...

okay so here is my take on crocs---ugly ugly uglieee---BUT so great that joe puts on his shoes by himself, he LOVES them, and did i mention he can put them on himself? plus, i can't tell you how many times i have thrown them in the sink to wash them inside and out. great summer shoe for kids. i don't think i will ever wear them though--with a size 9 1/2 foot they would look like barges on me! GO GET SOME FOR MASE!

Nells-Bells said...

Thanks for this! I ended up buying him some for his birthday and he loves them! All he wants to do is run around in them.