Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My cute sis-in-law posted about this fun site and I had to post it here as well. Anne Taintor took vintage photos and added funny phrases. This is one that caught my eye:

I have felt this way when Mason is having an off day.

This one could actually apply to many other situations as well. For example, you could substitute "refrigerator" with "sock drawer" or "closet" or "phone" or "keys".

Not only does she have magnets but she also has key rings, cosmetic bags, air fresheners, mini notes, etc. Here is a key ring that caught my eye:

This happens more often than not.


Valeri said...

Ha ha! I love those! I'm gonna have to check out that website for sure!

Julie Melvin said...

It's scary that we can relate to them, huh? So funny!

Natalie said...

I have the calendar!!! I have been such a fan since back in college...I just love her sense of humor. LOVE it!