Friday, June 6, 2008

snl weekly

Sorry this is late but better late than never, right? Here is the SNL clip of the week. This is exactly how my family would react to my mom's huckleberry pie. Just picture my mom throwing my dad around like a rag doll and all of us hopping on the table grabbing handfuls of huckleberries. Really wish I had it on video. ;) Enjoy.


amelia - paul - fran said...

That was so funny. I'm alone and laughing out loud. Hey, that was so fun seeing you the other night! Mason is such a crack-up. It would've been more fun if you hadn't eaten all of my baby food! Joking. See you laters!

Jen Petty said...

One order of chocolate cake please! That video made me really want to have some! Hey are you guys in Logan? I couldn't remember. Anyway, we're here for a little bit. Your kids are so stinkin' cute! Let's get together.