Monday, August 10, 2009


I had not been hooked on to So You Think You Can Dance until this season. Sad, I know. I had watched bits and pieces of the other seasons but never really got into it. I loved, loved this season!! I'm really excited about Jeanine winning. Her and Jason's dance to If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz is one of my faves from the season. But my most favorite dance was the Addiction dance by Kayla and Kapono.

Kapono wasn't a favorite until this dance. I really felt like this dance brought more out of him than I had seen before. I had goose bumps when I first saw this. It is very emotional and choreographed by the genius Mia Michaels.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

What was your favorite from this season??


Rebekah said...

I loved this dance as well but my all time favorite was the pasodoble that jeanine and brandon performed at the end of the last dance night. brilliant.

amelia and crew said...

I don't know why this dance was so moving, but it made me well up. The music and her emotion were amazing.

amelia and crew said...

My fav was the singin in the rain piece by Tyce Diorio.

Valeri said...

My favorite was Max and Kayla's samba (way back on week 1). They performed it again at the Finale per Mia's request. Such a hot number. LOVED IT! I'm trying to think what else I loved. There were some good ones, but that samba is what stands out to me most. Jeanine was my favorite girl, so I was really happy she won. I thought for sure Brandon would take the title, so it was even more fun to have the surprise. She deserved it.