Thursday, January 29, 2009

biggest loser

I am totally ready for a change! Obama being sworn in as President of the United "Stairs" (as baby no. 1 calls it) has put me in a mood. Closets are being cleaned out, blog background will be changing. But also, weight loss has been put back at the top of my list.

Now it is not so much weight loss as it is to be healthy. After having two babies, my body is really worn down and I want it back up to speed. Apparently, I'm not the only one riding on this wave length. My maple leaf hubby's (MLH) family is starting a Biggest Loser competition in the family. It is totally solid. We each put money into a pot and whomever wins, gets the money. We are doing a woman's winner and also a man's winner...kind of even the playing field. PLUS if you lost 10% of you body weight by the halfway mark, you get half your money back. So there really isn't just one winner in this, just losers. ;)

I have six months to get back into crazy shape! I have been trying to think of fun ways to make working out fun. I can't help but think of this and how much fun it would be to have. I totally have posted this video before but it is just too funny.


marni said...

i love that video. thanks. it makes me laugh every time. :)

Chris & Chrystal said...

Camie, Natalie, Barb, and myself are all running the half marathon in Ogden in May. You should TOTALLY do it with us!!! Getting ready for that will totally get you in shape. I HATE running, but I think it will be fun to do with everyone. I know you can win your family's biggest loser competition!!! I will help you!!! Are you going to do boot camp in February?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Is that chair for real?

Good luck with the contest, the phone and the dress. I'm excited to see where you get your dress from. I've always loved J Jill, but from a distance.....too pricey.

JoLynn said...

I popped in to see your blog and so glad i did!! Thanks for the great laugh!!

Disco Mom said...

Go Janelle!

Re: the video. Hazel (age 3 1/2) watched it with me and says,

"Mom, that is cool. But Mom, CHAIRS DON'T MOVE! They just be still."