Thursday, June 12, 2008


I loved this post so much from hubiesnacks, megrolls and ellierolls that I am posting it here for your pleasure. I have worn glasses since the third grade. It has never been a pleasant experience. I hated being pulled out of school and returning with my eyes dilated to the point where I had to wear those funny flimsy sunglasses. Playing soccer while wearing glasses never worked out really well or playing softball and having to wear the catcher's mask. That was a pain. Buying glasses isn't cheap, especially for me. Nowadays my glasses resemble coke bottles more than looking like glasses. Those coke bottles are pricey! And I can't tell you how many times people asked if I sleep with my glasses on. Believe me, I got asked that a lot. Almost as much as being asked if my twin brother and I were identical.

She did leave out a few people who have worn glasses and the glasses almost became more famous than them! Elton John is a good example:

You know, he had perfect vision but actually wore glasses just to make his eyes bad enough so he would have to need glasses. Weird.

John Lennon is another good example:

Not even Benjamin Franklin could make those wire-rim spectacles as famous as John Lennon did.

Lisa Loeb made glasses popular again in the 90's:

At least, she was the first female famous person, that I noticed, to wear glasses. Hey! Her and Tina Fey kind of look alike.

But my most favorite person to wear glasses is this man:

Okay, they are really sunglasses, which he has to wear now to protect his eyes from bright lights (it's true!) but doesn't he look fabulous?! Oprah doesn't deserve the glasses he gave her when he was on her show! I should have been the recipient of such a gift. ;)


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness! There I was reading on thisweekfordinner's blog and I see "nells bells"...which I was like, that seems familiar. So I further investigated and I was right! It is you! Well, you and Dan--lol. How are you? I haven't looked at your blog yet, but I was just excited I had to write you a note. My blog doesn't have very much on all. But there is a link to all of my wedding pictures. Talk to you soon!

meagan said...

I love the other people you put on your blog with glasses. I think that we should all get together and I mean all of us, including Bono. I'm sure he's not too busy. We'll show the world we are just as good!

Nells-Bells said...

How are things going so far?

I love the idea of partying with Bono. I really think he would like to come especially since we will be there. We will only invite people who wear glasses and that way it will be uber exclusive! ;)