Wednesday, June 11, 2008

baz luhrmann

Ever since posting about this new movie, I have been thinking a lot about the movies Baz Luhrmann directed. One of which is a favorite:

If you haven't seen this, you are definitely missing out. If you have the guts to tell me you haven't seen this, I will not believe you. Seriously? Who doesn't want to watch an Australian movie about ballroom dancing (i.e. heavy bright make-up, ruffled sleeves, outlandish costumes)? Who didn't have a crush on Paul Mercurio?
Here is a clip of a favorite moment from the movie:


Valeri said...

That movie had the strangest characters in it, I remember. But the dancing (including that number) was awesome.

amelia - paul - fran said...

That is one of my top five faves! I watch it often. I love you Jane!