Sunday, May 18, 2008

one step ahead

I love this website! It has some of the most creative inventions for babies and kids. I flip through the website and magazine in awe. I find myself saying over and over, "Why didn't I think of that?" These puzzles were given to us when Mason was born.
This cute personalized step stool was also given to Mason after he was born.

Not only do they have cool toys, they have everything to keep your baby safe and healthy
but also comfortable while traveling and all the feeding supplies you'll ever need! We bought our Bumbo chair and tray from this website. How cute is this baby pool??

I am actually thinking this would be more fun for me than the kids. I can just picutre it: the kids are taking their afternoon nap and I'm outside on this pool mat, eating a popsicle and catching some rays. I'm sold!


The Winder Family said...

we got our double jogging stroller from theses guys and we love it! i didn't realize how many cook products they have!

also, randomly...what is your cousin's name that is standing next to eric in the picture?? he looks a little familiar to me, but i can't see it too clearly...

Bob & Britt said...

Love that catalog! I am so going to order that baby pool and sit there in the sun all day!

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