Saturday, May 24, 2008

phil and ted's

I had previously posted about the new stroller I got. But I have failed to post pics of the kids riding in it. Here is Naomi getting strapped in.

Both kids ready to go.
I'm really glad I bought this cover. It keeps the sun and wind out of their faces. This stroller has to be the best purchase I have made this year! The front swivel wheel is a must and instead of being a double-wide, it is a double-long. Essential especially when passing other pedestrians on the sidewalk or when wheeling around the clothes rack at the mall.


whitneybballs said...

oh man that is one sweet ride for the kids. We totally got the shaft when we were kids...I would have loved something like this because if Kate had the stroller I was on the leash. Your kids are lucky!

Erik A. said...

The cover on the stroller reminds me of the Seinfeld episode of the bubble boy. Aren't kids supposed to be somewhat sun and wind resistant?? :)