Wednesday, July 30, 2008

canadian dictionary

My new favorite Canadian word is SMORG. It is short for SMORGASBORD which means: a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes (as hors d'oeuvres, hot and cold meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, salads, and relishes).

A chinese buffet is always on the menu when we cross the border. So when the waitress asked if we wanted the smorg or order from the menu, it sounded like she was speaking a different language altogether. I thought she had asked if I wanted to snog. I do like to snog or kiss. Not with her, of course. I was taken aback and wondered why she would want to snog me. I mean...I am cute. I'm sure lots of people would want to snog me. But I'm not like that and I am absolutely positively not about to sing a different tune (i.e. Katy Perry). I had to go over what she said a couple of times in my mind. Then, finally, I had to ask Dan what she was saying.

Oh. And they really do say "eh".


dayna said...

ha ha! Oh I LOVE Dan's facebook photo! too funny. I can't wait to see you soon. I will be in touch--right now we should be in Bear Lake until the 13th, then in logan for the remainder of that week. Love ys!!!

Nan said...

Missing the S'MOR GAS already.. Or is that Dan I miss?? Hard to say, eh?