Saturday, May 10, 2008


My sister has been bugging me to join Facebook. This last week I had enough of the "Hey, join facebook!" and "You have so many friends on facebook." and "Guess who's on facebook and who's not?" and "Look at these new pics! What? You're not on facebook?" So I finally took the time to sit down and join. For those who are not familiar with facebook, it is a social network to meet people (if you want), look for people (if they will let you) and see what is going on. Truly, it is just another way to keep in touch with everyone. It is addicting! It is fun to search and look for others who have taken the plunge. It isn't as user friendly as the blogging world is. Who else likes facebook?


Annie said...

me! but I go for long periods of time without going on at all. It IS great for finding people, though.

boog said...

now you need to join facebook scrabulous with me!