Sunday, January 25, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane

So get this...
I am jet-setting to California next month to attend my cousin's wedding. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Especially when looking out at the rain/snow that has been the weather for the past 3 days. Very depressing. Even more depressing is checking the weather in southern California, where I will be next month. My advice...don't even tempt yourself by going to to see what the current temperature is there. It will make you want to run head first into your wall. And it hurts.

My dilemma: what. to. wear. The wedding is kind of a big thing. It is going to be held in a beautiful atrium. AND it is going to be on Valentine's day.

My maple leaf hubby truly is the best because he opted to stay with the kids and let me go. Three days, two nights. No kids. No headaches. Just fun in the sun. Yes, he is the greatest.

So, back to my major dilemma! I have checked out dresses on Shabby Apple. Love them but can't find exactly what I want. It has to be dressy but also something I can wear later. I checked on Macy's website but the dresses can run expensive and not cover where I need them to cover. I checked DownEast Outfitters (another fave) but they aren't dressy enough. I will have to buy a dress for church from there, though. Super cute.

Therefore, I am requesting your utmost attention and help. I seriously need it. PLEASE help me find a dress! I am going to give a prize to the winning dress. I will have more info on that later. So get to steppin' and let's go shopping!


Rebekah said...

I saw this dress and thought of you.

My other suggestion would be that if you sew or know someone who sews, make your own dress. There are some WAY CUTE patterns out there that aren't that difficult and you can get the fabric you want and everything. I usually do that, find a dress in a store that I like and then go get the pattern for it and then VIOLA a custom made dress!

Good luck in your dress hunt!!

marni said...

i hope those links work. they're from nordstroms. i like the 1st one the most, but they are the cheapest dresses.