Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have been thinking a lot lately about all the cool gifts I have been presented throughout my life. Since I have been alive 28 years, many sweet presents have come across these hands. I have decided to share with you some of these cool gifts. Maybe it will help give you some ideas for gifts in the future (not to your friends...unless you insist). I will start with this sweet leather bookmark that my sis picked up for me in Liverpool. She knew of my love for the Beatles and also for reading. What a perfect way to incorporate both! I have had this for 10 years now and I doubt Boog has any idea how much I love it. Since I read a lot, I see it a lot and think, "This is the coolest!" Another installment to come. :)

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boog said...

Wow! I can faintly remember that bookmark as well as I can faintly remember visiting the beatles museum in liverpool where I got it. I'm glad you still likes it.