Saturday, November 10, 2007


I remember at a very young age, sitting on the school bus, dissecting my name to see what nickname people could call me. I had a friend named Brittany whom we called Brit. I had a friend named Ashley whom we called Ash. I had a friend named Tonilyn whom we called Toe. I also had a friend named Jacquleyn whom we called Jackie but mostly Jacks. But when referring to me, they called me Janelle...boring, nicknameless Janelle. I always felt so left out. The first nickname I do actually remember being called was Penelope, mainly by my oldest sister Therese. She always called me Penelope. I remember Jared Smith started calling me Penleope too which turned into Parnell and ended up just being Par. He still to this day calls me that. Then Brynn Miller would call me J. She too still calls me that. Then Jared Pulham started to call me Nell-O (i.e. "There's always room for Nell-O"). That has stuck. It actually goes really well since my married name starts with an O. Now I'm mainly known as Nells. I was thinking today how cool it is when people I've known for years call me the nicknames they came up with. I notice I usually shorten people's names as well and wonder if they like that or not. Dayna = Day...Lara = La...but the nickname I'm most proud of coming up with belongs to my sister Sarah whom I call Boog.


Anonymous said...

I had to comment on this post. I love the nicknaming game, too. I have a friend that I still call Joanna. Her name is Sarah Elizabeth Lundquist. I started calling her Sarah Jo. Then just Jo and then it morphed into Joanna. This is not an uncommon thing for me.
I love seeing your pics, Janelle! Your little family is so cute.

Dayna said...

You've got some great nicknames. I miss being called Day...only the closest and bestest of friends have called me that!