Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At Peace

Do you ever have those moments where, amid all the chaos, peace sweeps over you like a breath of fresh air??! I had one such moment the morning of Naomi's baby blessing. Of course, the house was packed and so much was going on. Mason was not, and I mean NOT, having a good morning; crying and being difficult. Dan and I were rushing to get ready just to be on time. Realizing Naomi was not yet dressed, I started to panic and rushed her back to her room to get her dressed. Just as I was slipping on her little dress, everything stopped, she looked at me with those sweet little eyes and I was filled with peace. It was a split-second but the feeling has lingered. One can guess how that affected me since I'm still thinking about it two weeks later. I have been pondering of other times this has happened to me in my life...
The whole day of our wedding I felt totally at ease. But I had a moment when my mom and I were in the bride's room at the Bountiful Temple. She was helping me get ready and peace swept over me. I also had a moment when Dan and I walked hand-in-hand into the sealing room and were greeted with the warmest smiles from all our family and friends. I had a moment when my mom told me we would be moving to Russia (after much crying, of course). I had a moment when I walked across the stage at my high school graduation and my parents were halfway around the world. I had a moment when I gave my twin brother a foot massage when he was in the hospital. I also had a moment just after having Mason and then again with Naomi. I have had many wonderful moments like these and will spare you the long list but I'm grateful for these moments.

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