Friday, November 16, 2007

Bridal Shower

I had to post these pictures from one of my bridal showers. It was so much fun!! We all look so different now and have so much going on in our lives compared to then (i.e. marriages, kids, new jobs, new cities, etc). This was our "serious" picture.

This one was our "crazy" picture. Good times...good times...:)

(L-R back row: Jody Campbell Long, Mauri Larsen Winder, Alecia Fredrickson, Dayna Kidd, Brittany Peterson, moi, Kristen Olsen Thompson, Cami Brenchley Archer.
L-R front row: Ashley Blanch Steele, Jackie Hart VanZanten, Mindy Scmidt and Lisa Murray)


The Winder Family said...

whoa...totally forgot about that one! weird (and so fun) to see pictures you never knew existed...actually it freaks me out to think of what other pictures of me that might be out there floating in space....

congrats on 6 fabulous years!!

Jody said...

The funny thing about these bridal shower pictures is that I didn't recognize myself in the one where everyone's smiling normally, but I recognized myself with a goofy face:)

Anonymous said...

PS-Congrats on six years!