Saturday, November 10, 2007


This morning I decided I was motivated enough to go to the gym. I haven't been there since having my baby. I have mainly been walking and working out on our elliptical. But I have been wanting to get back into the step classes, which I thoroughly least I should say until this morning. I felt like a football player in a ballet class. What happened? I wasn't out of commission THAT long. All of the sudden there were choreographed steps coming from out of nowhere! The Snowboarder? The Waterfall? Sheesh! Not only was the class PACKED but there were two men in the class who were actually doing these steps while I stood on my bench watching, flabbergasted.


The Winder Family said...

what is it about having babies that makes us completely "gym-illiterate?" good job for getting back. it is hard work, but you'll be back to the swing of things in no time...have a great day! seeing your entry about nicknames made me think of the good old days. do you by chance know what toe is up to??

Nells said...

Mauri! I always love hearing from you. Toe is currently in Colorado going to school for holistic healing...I think that is what it is called. She did massage therapy and wanted to do more. Ash, Toe and I all got together this summer for lunch. It was so much fun to see her. She writes every now and then via email.
How in the world do you run 5 miles/day? Where do you find the time? I guess you have to make the time, of course. That is my problem. So good to hear from you. :)

Dayna said...

ya, I'm just not that coordinated to do the classes at the gym. I just stick to running--out with an knee injury for the moment and it is killing me!