Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nicknames Part Deux

I'm sure no one cares but since posting Nicknames I have come to realize how my world is FULL of nicknames! I failed to mention a few. My friend Nate Bryan is the whitest person you will ever meet (at least when I last saw him). He could make my sister and I crack up over his little lingo. He had his own way of talking...more like rap-talking...hilarious! So he was knighted the nickname Nate Dawg (I realize this isn't totally original). We have since shortened it and just call him Dawg.
After going to Russia, Clint adapted the name Clintchik...which has morphed into Clintkins.
Dan adapted the nickname Dumble. I know, I can all roll your eyes. Everyone has a pet name for their spouse, which usually makes everyone else vomit (the clip from The Family Guy comes to mind) on the spot but you need to know the background for his nickname. There is a Finnish chocolate called Dumle. VERY tasty and rare in these parts. For the longest time he would call it Dumble and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Therefore, Dan was knighted Dumble. We have even nicknamed my mom's cat...more like her sixth child. His name is Tabby to which we usually call him Tabster. My dad would call me his little skittle (am I going to find out this wasn't singled out for me and me only?!). Mason has even joined the bandwagon and calls Naomi - Omi. I think it is really because he cannot pronounce it quite right but it is so cute and will definitely stick.

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