Tuesday, June 23, 2009

alice in wonderland

I love me some good movies. I am definitely a movie buff. Therefore, I got real giddy in seeing pictures like these from Tim Burton's new take on Alice in Wonderland. It is not in theaters until March 2010 but I can't help being very excited about it. Wow. Of course, Johnny Depp (Burton's muse) is in it. He plays the Mad Hatter:
He looks more like a psychedlic Carrott Top. Burton's wife, Helena Bonham Carter (Room with A View FOREVER), is cast as the Red Queen:

Anne Hathaway is cast as the White Queen:

Now...you can't tell me you aren't the tiniest bit anxious for this movie to come out.


Dayna said...

wow! so cool. matt and i are huge tim burton fans...i think we own everything he has done. alice in wonderland is a crazy story to begin with, burton doing it is perfect! love it!

Annie said...

Ooo! Sign me up!

Did you see the Vanity Fair article that mentioned that he's also planning on playing Tonto in the Lone Ranger? Fabulous.

Rebekah said...

interesting! it does look like it will be fun!

Nells-Bells said...

annie - i did see that! didn't you love that VF article? he is just divine. why doesn't VF do a huge article like that on christian?? ;)

amelia and crew said...

It looks like he's basing it off of the real book and not disney. Crap. I'm gonna have to do some more reading.

Anonymous said...

Wow I had no idea...this will be fun. Looks like a proper theatre movie :-)