Saturday, June 20, 2009


Do you ever catch yourself thinking of the past? Does a certain event or person or thing happen to cross your mind and you think I really should have...
Or I should have told that person how I felt.
I should have taken that ticket to London.
I should have jumped without anticipation.
I shouldn't have made that choice.
But...what would have happened if many of these choices had been different?
What if I told that person?
What if I had gone to London?
What if??

The other day I scanned a load of pictures from my past. Some were hilarious. Some were more meaningful. But all got me to thinking about what I have done and where I am today. Oftentimes it is said to not dwell on the past. Always be looking straight ahead but check the rear-view from time-to-time.
It helps me.
Once I get past the "What Ifs" honestly helps me to look back and make future decisions based on what I did before.
My parents would say, "You know, when I was a kid and when I did this..." or "We are glad you are learning..."
But I am. I am learning and striving to move forward. No more regrets. No more mistakes...which is totally impossible. But no more what ifs. Live life to its fullest degree.


L.Kapololu said...

Hey Nells! I hear ya sister. You know, I used to ask "What if?" all the time. But Candace told me that although at that time I might be asking "What if?" there would come a time when I look at my life and say, "Wow, look what I've got." I reluctantly nodded my head when she first told me that BUT the day did come when I stopped asking "What if?" and I finally realized that yes, wow, look at what I've got. That Candace, she knows her stuff. :-)

That's not to say I NEVER wonder "What if?" but now I supplement the question with "Wow, look at what I've got."

Erik A. said...

Instead of what ifs just cease the day and do it. Instead of thinking what might have been, you'll have memories of what you've done. Debbi and I are glad we took the opportunity to live in DC. I'm sure our life would be different if we hadn't moved there. You also gained from your nanny experiences in Princeton.

Nells-Bells said...

love these comments. thanks.
lis - i love candace's perspective! she is so right.
erik - you are definitely one to seize the day. that is a trait of yours that i definitely envy.