Sunday, June 14, 2009

swiss cow fights

My brother is doing a study abroad in Switzerland right now. Yes, I'm totally envious.
But they attended the most peculiar and very wrong sporting event. I had to share it with you because...who does that?! Well, Swiss people apparently.

well today i went to the cow fights. it was up in the mountains. outside of some city that i can't remember. it was a lot of fun. i took some pictures of some of the fights. what happens is they get about 50 pregnant cows that are lactating that they don't milk. this makes them very irritable and frustrated which is what they want. they take them up into the mountains, gather them together in a meadow on the side of the mountains, then they corral them with just a piece of string. then they wait for them to get frustrated enough that they start fighting each other. it is really interesting. they try to keep them in the ring by hitting them with sticks. they normally have 2 rounds but today they only had 1 since there were some really good fights. there were two cows that were fighting for about 10 minutes. these cows also have horns which i thought was peculiar considering that i thought only bulls had horns. but these ones had udders and all. you learn something new everyday.

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