Thursday, June 4, 2009

crazy talk

Have you seen the newest Newsweek? In it, an article about the power of Oprah and the guests she has hosted on her show. I was immediately drawn to this. Oprah's shows, more specifically the ones where The Secret is revealed (um...was that a secret??), Suzanne Somers talks abou the great lengths she goes through to not age (has she not watched Benjamin Button?!?!). Pretty wacky ideas and regimens have become commonplace. More surprisingly is that Oprah goes right along with her guests and their thinking. Would love to know your thoughts. Of course, if Oprah were to invite me on her show, I wouldn't say no.

You can read the full article here.


Catherine Cazier said...

Right now I am not too happy with Oprah and any celebrity that thinks that the world should vaule their opinion. My Mom was telling me how she and some other rich people had some like secert meeting to see what they could do to stop the population from growing that people in America have too many kids. Living here in Belgium where they are doing everything they can to encourage people to have more children since the Islamic communities have many children and are going to out popular the Belgians in there own contry. Kind of scary!

Nells-Bells said...

i totally agree. any celebrity, who thinks they can rule the world, just because they are famous, doesn't sit highly in my book. i don't know anything about a secret meeting but anyone who doesn't have kids and thinks the world should stop populating goes against God. just wonder where they get off, thinking they are God.