Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am on the verge of lunacy! My camera is MIA at the moment and I have resorted to banging my head against the wall.

In between the looking, searching and head-banger sessions, I too have been thinking back on 2008. Of course, so much happened in the course of last year that I can hardly believe it was only a year. Seems like two or three, even.

Redford entered my psyche.

I joined a book club and then, somehow, joined out. Not sure how that happens. But it did.

Baby no. 2 had to be hospitalized for RSV. Not fun.

Pushing kids in a stroller hit a whole new high for me. And I'm not talking mushrooms.

So what if I'm a genius? Don't hate me for it.

SNL weekly was born.

New diet hits and misses. I feel a little Bridget Jones-ish. 2008. Weight: #$@. 2009. Weight: lost 5 lbs. Did you really think I would divulge my current weight on here? Tsk. Tsk.

Favorite Children's book reviews. Of course. One of my favorites.

We bought a Napoleon Dynamite looking home and transformed it. Transforming is the best part. Sorry I didn't really allow you to be more a part of that. It kind of took off without my knowing. Not sure how I got here...

Looking back, I'm realizing I hardly write about myself. I have been told that good writing should include personal inklings and real-life goodness. So I am thinking a goal is to be more personal and fun and real-life wholesome. Problem is -- I'm not very good at that. Mrs. Warr was always frustrated with me because my AP English papers "had bones but no meat on them". does one come back from that sort of review? Ouch. Joe March anyone?

Don't forget Christian.

Hmmm...what was I saying?

Yes, 2008 was a good year. Thanks for coming along with me. Cue the taking off of the sweater. Keep singing. Hang it in the closet. Put on my outdoor shoes. Keep singing. Put on my outdoor sweater. Open door. Wave. Smile. "Have a great day!" Close the door.

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Dayna said...

oh i love your blog...mostly because i just love love you! miss you lots. no friend will ever take your place, but i am always on the look out for someone as loving and who lives like you. thanks for your optimism, beautiful laugh, and friendship. love you lots!