Friday, June 18, 2010

fanatical friday

In our house we are fanatical about soccer. So with the World Cup in full swing, our days are filled with soccer matches on TV or talking about soccer with family and friends. The timing for a British soccer camp could not have been more perfect! This week Mo enjoyed a week of camp. Not sure who is more sad about it being over: he or me. He did receive a Wayne Rooney poster today from his coach that he promptly pasted on his wall. I couldn't be more proud of this kid!
soccer camp
soccer camp
soccer camp


Jeremy and Kelli said...

Way to go Mason! I think I see a star in the making!

JoLynn said...

Wahoo! We have loved soccer at our house since Katie started playing at that age. Mason is one smart kid! If he needs any pointers have him call her...haha.

Nan said...

Little Mason is adorable. I'll be watching him in the future as he gains soccer fame. My family is a bit crazy right now, too, for World Cup.

emandtrev said...

So great! The World Cup is pretty much a constant fixture in our house right now too (my husband loves soccer). He actually stayed home from work this morning to watch the US play. Wow, what a game!!