Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I love Kermit the Frog and Christian Bale. I have a prized tin Muppet lunch box that I used until I graduated high school. And now lives at the Smithsonian. ;)

2. I have always had to share my birthday with my twin brother. But seriously, how cool is that? Our parties have always been double the fun.

3. The outside quad on my right leg went numb when I was preggers with my first and has been since. It's kind of fun to beat my leg with a stick (i.e. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) and not feel it.

4. When I was 16, I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia with my parents and two of my siblings. I lived there for a year, attended a Russian private school and earned most of my school credits from an online BYU home study course.

5. When I set my alarm, the number has to end on a 1 or a 7 (i.e. 7:47 or 6:51).

6. Cold cereal is my favorite food.

7. I got thrown out of an old city in Russia (Kronshtadt) because we were "outsiders". Cue the mystery music.

8. I am as blind as a bat when I don't wear my glasses or contacts. I have amazing hearing due to that. My husband can never get away with anything! ;) Free Lasik anyone?

9. I love being out-of-doors but I hate camping.

10. I played softball and soccer in high school but wish I also did swimming and volleyball.

11. I still keep in touch with my friends from grade school. (Go Hillcrest Huskies!)

12. Do not, for any reason, wake me in the middle of the night or you will pay dearly.

13. My hubby and I left Phuket, Thailand 2 days before the tsunami in 2004. We found out our hotel was completely leveled. I was pregnant with Mason at the time. I can't thank Him enough.

14. I have paid over $300 for concert tickets...twice(U2).

15. My cousins are some of my bestest friends.

16. When I was born I had jaundice. The nickname "Jaundice Janelle" has haunted me every day since, thanks to my dear and kind siblings.

17. These same siblings told me I was adopted and that I had a "twin" brother just because we happened to be the same age. My therapy bills will be coming in the mail.

18. When working at my dad's law office, I tripped at the top of the stairs with a glass of water and Club crackers in my hand. Luckily, at the bottom of the stairs, a waiting room filled with clients witnessed the fall. Oh. And I also knocked over the giant plant at the bottom, dirt flying everywhere.

19. I came this close to touching Mia Hamm and having her sign my jersey. I also saw her play in her last World Cup soccer game at the Home Depot center in Carson City, CA.

20. I met Macho Man Randy Savage at a high-end restaurant in L.A. He flexed his muscles for me and was kind enough to appease me with saying, "Oh, yeah!"

21. My friends and I loved to camp out in my backyard and T.P. houses. We would even put pantyhose over our heads, in case we got caught. Then no one would recognize us!

22. I am so proud of my c-section scar. I got the most two beautiful beings from being sliced and diced.

23. I am addicted to email. I have to check it every few minutes. I go through withdrawal if I don't have access to the internet and it is NOT a pretty site: uncontrollable shaking, drooling, knashing of teeth, tearing hair out. You get the picture.

24. I had to have jaw surgery, when I was 22, to fix my bite. So, literally, my jaw is screwed.

25. Our first car was a 1981 Nissan Hatchback and christened him with the name of Nevin.


Nick and Leila said...

I love these! And by the way I totally recommend Lasik. It's worth every penny I promise!! I was also blind as a bat and now my eyesite is better than 20/20. And I want to here all about Thailand cause we really want to go, but what an amazing blessing you made it home!

The Homely Animal said...

This was FUN to read! We actually have way more in common than I would've guessed... C-section, lasik hopeful, toilet papering, email junkie and gasp, I haven't met the Macho man but I went to the WWF show when they came to our town... Elizabeth!!

Valeri said...

I am with you on email. I check mine way more frequently each day than I'd ever admit. :)

So fun to learn random facts about you!

whitneybb said...

Thanks for are one of the cutiest people I know!