Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hopefully you caught some or all of the Oscars Sunday night. Even though we were out of town, we made sure we tuned in at 6:30pm for the big show. Hugh Jackman surprised me. I was unsure how he would be received and handle the hosting job. But he really was fabulous. He is easy on the eyes, can sing (and dance) and that authentic aussie accent is to die for. Way to go Hugh!

And way to go Kate!!! Yes! I was rooting for her and am so glad she came away with the win. She is my favorite actress. I actually haven't seen The Reader or Revolutionary Road. But sounds like they are great. Anyone seen those yet?

Which now brings me to Slumdog Millionaire. I'm always very skeptical about the Academy's choices for best picture. Truly, some have been pretty out there but Slumdog is awesome. Very intense and hard to forget the image of children digging through trash for food, but such a great story.

Now that the award debauchery is over, life can return to normal.


Valeri said...

I also love Kate! She's so humble and down to earth. You would never know she's a millionaire!

Catherine Cazier said...

I am so glad that someone else I know watched the awards. I didn't know anyone but me were really that interested. I hate that I can't really watch it from here in Belgium since I am asleep before they begin but I did enjoy catching up in the internet! Glad you had fun at the Wedding. Your dressed looked really nice!