Tuesday, February 24, 2009


These last couple of weeks have been crazy and fun at the same time. I jet-setted out to CA on Friday the 13th for the weekend. My cousin was married to her sweetheart on Valentine's day and it was definitely a memorable celebration. The wedding ceremony was at this atrium: Here is my brother and I. I'm in THE dress. What do you think?

The reception/dinner was held at a golf course in the mountains. It was beautiful and the set-up was magical. There were plenty of good times to be had. The music and dancing had to be the best part. I'm sure the open bar contributed to the laid-back atmosphere. No worries - I ordered a rum and coke, hold the rum. ;)
I had enough time to unpack, wash clothes and re-pack before heading off to St. George. We also stopped in Vegas where we got to visit our awesome friend Matt. He and Dan are BFF's. They have matching friend bracelets but I'm not supposed to tell you that.

The favorite part of the trip for the kids was the swimming and climbing the red rocks in Snow Canyon. Here are a few pics from that day:

Not sure how I will come down from just being home now. I need to plan something for March. The ides are not going to cut it.

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Julie said...

Wow. Beautiful wedding, huh? You look great too. Cute dress! ;p