Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dilemma no. 1 solved

Drumroll please...ta-da! Here it is. This is the dress I FINALLY settled on for the wedding. It fits great, stretchy and super cute. Plus I can totally dress it up or down. Either way, a great find. Unfortunately, there were no more available in black. So I settled on the light gray. Admittedly, the fit is a big snug and the black would have worked better at hiding my flaws. But I got my Spanx and I'm not afraid to use them! Truly, it is better that I do. Thanks to all who entered the contest and tried to find me a dress. I will be sure to take pictures!


Anonymous said...

I love this dress! Who sells it?

Nells-Bells said...

i got it at shabbyapple.com
problem is they aren't carrying it anymore. so whatever is left, is left. at least, that is what they told me. that is why i couldn't get it in the black. :( check it out, though. they have tons of cute dresses!!

dayna said...

Oh I love it! so perfect. you must take a picture of you in it:)
miss you!