Wednesday, October 28, 2009

halloween countdown

To continue our countdown, Garfield Halloween Special was one I looked forward to watching on Halloween night. Not sure why I liked Garfield so much...maybe it was because I too am a lover of lasagna. But I love how he wakes up and is already thinking of all the Halloween candy he is going to get. I remember waking up and being so anxious about trick-or-treating that my stomach would start to churn and I would make myself sick just thinking about it. We always would compare our pillow cases of candy see who got the most. Good times.



Anonymous said...

We just watched this the other night! One of the bests. Also Donald Duck (Trick or treat), and The Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown).

Nells-Bells said...

nice!! just don't ruin my countdown (you listed two others i am including). ;)

mortonfam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Welcome to the 30's... it's not so bad! Hope you have an awesome day!