Monday, October 26, 2009

survival guide

I opened my inbox this morning to find an email with the subject line, "Your Halloween Surivival Guide". This was of course from Weight Watchers, reminding me that stuffing my face with candy this week will not only add pounds to my body, but also make me feel horribly guilty and want to start training for a marathon at 11:39 at night. I mean, you have to burn off all that sugar somehow and what better way than to run all night long! I really have felt like doing that a couple of times. But only a couple.

I almost expected the email to read, "Your Turning 30 Survival Guide" or "How to Accept You are Turning 30 Even Though Your Diary Resembles Bridget Jones" (minus the cigarettes and swearing and singlehood). I'm sure there is a self-help book out there, full of wisdom and knowledge on how to turn 30 and love it. But really, I'm not loving it. I, like my amazing and wonderful grandma, want to stay 29 forever. Who wants to get older and have body aches where you have never ached before? Who wants to deteriorate to practically a bowl of mush and sit around drooling all day? I say this only because I have a feeling this will be me: stuck in a wheelchair, watching re-runs of General Hospital (which I would absolutely hate but since I'm stuck in a wheelchair and drooling, I won't be able to turn the channel let alone tell anyone to help me out). Note to self: learn and become an expert at sign-language

Then again, I should stop focusing on all the negative. I should stop focusing on me. I should think of others who have already crossed this dreaded threshold and have come across with flying colors. People who are still living their dreams, way beyond their thirties, forties and fifties. I know it doesn't stop here. But for some reason it scares me.

People magazine likes to show us how good 30 looks and even 40. It is a bit of a killjoy really. I'm sure I would have a killer bod, a glowing face and long beauitful locks if I had zillions of dollars like they do.

In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy my last days of being in my twenties. So much has happened over the last decade. My twenties really signified a lot in my life: dating, university, marriage, kids, becoming homeowners. So many milestones and all in just the last ten years. I guess what I'm trying to say is here is to another ten! Here is to setting more goals and looking forward to more milestones in my life. :)


Rebekah said...

30's not so bad. I cried at 25.... Right now i'm just trying to stay away from 40 (wow.....can it really only be 6 years away???????????) I think I just died a little bit inside!! 30 will for sure be better than 20!!

Nan said...

You will make a beautiful 30 year old. Happy birthday on Thursday. I'll be turning 21 on the same day....that is 21 years older than you.

dayna said...

ahh, i am so in the same boat. really, life is so good right now--but yes, i wish i could pass the 30 mark saying i was in the best shape ever, physically and spiritually...but, then it would really all be downhill right? so here is to loving progression and the hope for improvement. don't they say our prime is around 35, 36 or around there? we've got time girl:) love you!