Monday, October 26, 2009

halloween countdown

Being that it is almost Halloween and Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year...I have decided to countdown some of my favorite Halloween cartoons/shows/movies. Didn't you just love coming home from a chilly run through the neighborhoods, trick-or-treating at as many houses you could find, plopping in front of the TV with your loot and watching the Halloween shows on?? And have you noticed they don't do this much anymore?? They show The Great Pumpkin the Tuesday before Halloween. Or this year they are doing a Monsters vs. Aliens Halloween special the Wednesday before Halloween. It just baffles my mind. Why not on Halloween night?? Anywho. Lets get this countdown started.

I didn't realize that my choice for tonight is from 1929. Who would have thought? It still is a hit, in my mind at least, and brings back lots of memories of Halloweens past. This one is titled Skeleton Dance. I just loved their dancing and using each other's bones, like a xylophone, to make music. Enjoy!

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