Friday, October 30, 2009

i'm still here

So the big, anticipated day has come and gone. And guess what...I'm still here. I look the same. I feel the same. Really, not much has changed. Well, actually, I'm a bit pudgier in the mid-section. I'm sure I gained a pound or two from all the treats and cake and ice cream and Texas Roadhouse rolls. *mmmmmm*I promised myself I would enjoy the day to the fullest and that included food. Lots of it too. :)

I guess what I'm saying is I have realized that though I'm no longer in my twenties, the world has not come to an end. No explosions. No giant black hole sucking me in. No nothing. Nada. All the dread and worry and nothing to show for it really. D took the day off and we enjoyed eating breakfast all together, carving pumpkins together...just being together. D even did the dishes for me, prepared meals for the kids, got them down for their naps, etc. So I really was able to enjoy the day and relax. I woke up happy and ended the day with a smile.

M told me that I am the best pumpkin carver ever. When he said that, it hit me: to my kids, I'm amazing, no matter what age I am. Or how skinny or fat I am. Or how many wrinkles and grey hairs I have. They don't care if I have ran a marathon or not. They could care less that I met Macho Man Randy Savage (oh, yeah!!) or got Beatles Rockband for my birthday (holla back, y'all). All they know is that I am their mom and that I love them. I love reading books with them and spending time with them. I love kissing their cute little cheeks and hearing them laugh. I love just being with them and to them, that is enough.

So for me, it should be enough too. And now, I can honestly say it is.
Loud and proud: I'M 30.

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Christina said...

Such a sweet post! It is true, our kids to think we are amazing. Samuel just gave me his biggest flake in his bowl of cereal.

You are young. 30 is young.