Monday, September 14, 2009

you're a peach

Fall is a favorite time of year for our family. One thing we look forward to is Peach Days and all the early elbertas we can buy! Saturday was spent bottling our elbertas and making cobbler. Mr. Clean even got in on the action.
Opening a bottle of peaches on a dismal, wintry day in January is the absolute reward to this whole process. But also the time I get to spend with my mom is memorable. I truly am so lucky to be close and learning all the family recipes and tricks of the trade.


dayna said...

is that clint? he looks so good! give him a hug for me. that bottling peaches is hot business (still fresh on my mind)--we haven't even been home a week and we've gone through 3 quarts! i don't think there will be any left in january for us!:)

Catherine Cazier said...

So much fun!! I think one of the biggest draw backs of living out of the country is all those little things I took for granted. I loved to can with my Mom and I feels so sad listening to her talk about doing it by herself. The few years we did some cannning together were so much fun. We tried to do some canning while in Belgium but it was very exspensive. Jars were 3 or 4 euros each. Ouch that hurt the pocket book so I only did green beans since my kids like them home canned best. I think we did salsa too. Eat some for me.