Monday, September 28, 2009

snl weekly

So did you catch it? Did you see the season premiere on Saturday night? Megan Fox was the host and U2 was the musical guest. Of course, U2 was awesome. I especially loved their last song "Light My Way" from Achtung Baby. LOVE that song. Seeing them made me seriously bummed that they are not coming to SLC during their U.S. tour. Then it made me even more bummed to know I had the chance to see them in London and the stars didn't align for it to work out. :(

Anywho. Back to SNL. Megan Fox did pretty good for her first time hosting. This was probably my favorite skit of the night. Of course, it has Kristen Wiig who is so, so funny. It is almost what you would expect from stuartesses (or whatever the politically correct term is) on a plane. Enjoy!

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