Friday, September 18, 2009


It is so wonderful to take a shower without interruption; kids running in and out of the bathroom, screaming and crying or asking, a hundred times, if I'm done yet. But what's more...I get dressed and then take the towel off my wet hair and hang it up before I come out. Last night, I guess I was a little crazy when drying my hair with the towel because I emerged from my bedroom and found Mase there to greet me. His response, "Wow, mom. You look like a witch and a lion."

Looking in the mirror, an image of Medusa actually came to mind. Then I thought, "Clash of the Titans is a really good movie." Then I thought, "I cannot believe my parents let me watch that." Then, "I wish I had an owl like he did" and "those pink flowy pajamas in the movie were the coolest."

Also, I had a serious crush on Harry Hamlin. To fight and cut off the head of one of the scariest creatures, Medusa. (And yes, I do realize I compared myself to Medusa. I do look pretty scary when fresh from a shower). Then to journey all that way to deliver the head and have to deal with many other mythological creatures along the way...a scorpion that grows to the size of a large elephant, a two-headed dragon. I may have just given up. But he wanted to save his true love and, of course, did.

So then I start to think that D is my Perseus and I, his Princess Andromeda because even though I slightly resemble Medusa, on the inside I was a Princess...but D made me a Queen.

Time to dry my hair...


Therese said...

i watched this movie so many times as lisa petersen's house. loved it.

dayna said...

so funny. my brothers used to call me medusa to tease me when i was a young one. i would cry and cry.