Thursday, September 3, 2009


Two things I'm very super excited about right now that I could just pee my pants! First: How cool is this??? I could just lie down right now and die. But then I wouldn't be able to play I had better not.

The Beatles music has been such an influential part of my life (cliche?). I mean, I know everyone says this but for me, it is true. Every Beatles song and album are intertwined with some of my life's is hard to not think of these moments while listening to the Beatles. I am just so pent up with excitement right now that I could blast through the roof at any moment and fly off in the sky like Superman. Really. I could.

FINALLY!! The Pioneer Woman, Ree, has decided to take all of her awesome recipes and compile a cookbook. Do you know how many times I have been in the kitchen, laptop open, following her step-by-step instructions?? Now I can actually have a tangible book to dirty with butter, flour, and flying cocoa. With me, it really flies. I'm messy. I'm thinking this will be a perfect birthday present for moi, since it isn't released until right before my birthday. In case anyone (D-babes) is reading this and needs ideas for my upcoming 3oth birthday.

Okay. Now I'm all the sudden depressed. 30. I will no longer be able to say I'm in my 20's. It is a whole new playing all new level of life. A big step into the lower metabolism and hormonal reboot of life...ack...

...but at least I will have The Beatles Rockband and Ree Drummond to cheer me up. Chocolate sheet cake, here I come!! And yeah, it is that good. And...yeah, I will eat it all by myself since I will be 30 and because I can.

Oh! I do have a third thing to be excited about. My amazing and wonderful, hard working, fun loving, always-making-me-laugh hubby secured a promotion at work. So three cheers! For he is a jolly good fellow. And is always looking out for what is best for us. Love you, babe!!

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Valeri said...

You're too funny! How cool that the Pioneer Woman is coming out with a cook book! Tell me though... why on earth would you need cocoa? None of her recipes call for that. Oh, except for the best one ever!!!!!

Ha ha.