Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yes, so much has happened that I need to post but, most importantly, I must document this:

I have never in my life made anything. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I have never made anything outside of 7th grade home-ec class. I made a cow pillow. The stitching was atrocious, the stuffing lumpy. Absolutely awful! Our dog Annie wasn't above such amateur creations though. She bonded with the horrid thing and made it her numero uno sleeping buddy.

Still, I was very proud of the ugly thing. I held on to it up until I left home at 19 to be a nanny in NJ. I mainly hung on to it for the sole purpose of showing off my creativity to others (though it was completely copied from a design and its pieces already cut, ready for me to do the dirty work of putting it all together). I still remember it like it was yesterday, working in what could've been considered a sweat shop for middle schoolers: sewing machines set up in neatly, measured rows; the room being slightly warmer than what would be considered kosher; Mrs. Rasmussen guiding us through the laborious task of sorting the pieces properly and placing them exactly as shown in the photo. More of a color-by-number sewing kit. So, so hard. ;)

The point being: I am not crafty. I envy those who are; those whom can look at a PotteryBarn Kids magazine and bring to life what they see.

In order to fulfill my daughter's wish of having a princess blanket made in time for her birthday (and to cross off an item from my bucket list), I enlisted the help of my mom-in-law. She willingly obliged and this is what we have done thus far:

You could say she has done most of the work. You could possibly be right. But really I am proud to say she allowed me to take the reins and organize the majority of the quilt. Two things: she too is learning as we go (piecing is not her forte) and she hates the green fabric I chose. And since she was a good sport for helping me in the first place, I let her add some fabric she really wanted to use (i.e. the "primary" colored flowers...not my fave). So we both win...or lose. Or whatever. Just the fact we are working together to make Omi's dream a reality is quite something. I am more than ecstatic.

Finished product soon to make its debut...


Rebekah said...

i LOVE it!!! I have never made a quilt. to daunting for me! i just know omi will love it!!!

Nan said...

Some little girl is going to be very very happy and she'll have one proud momma.

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Very nice! You're such a nice mommy! Good old 7th grade home ec! I sewed my pajama short legs together! Oops! :)